Linden Lodge News

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Special Meetings

The Worshipful Master Has called The Following Special meetings:

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 for examinations in the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft degrees.

All special meetings will be held at the Northwest Masonic Temple unless otherwise indicated.

Stated Meeting

Linden Lodge's next stated meeting will be Thursday,
January 2nd, 2020 at 7:30 PM.
This will be preceded by a Fellowship Dinner at 6:37 PM.

Christmas Party

Linden Lodge will be holding their annual Christmas Party and Awards Banquet on Friday, December 13th. Once again we will be joining several other Lodges for a complete evening at the York Golf Club. Prices and registration will be available at a later date so keep watching.

Just A Reminder

There are several Lodges throughout our district which hold a breakfast every month as fund raisers. You are encouraged to attend these for fellowship and good food.

The first Saturday, Grove City Lodge from 8 - 10

The first Saturday, Hiram Lodge from 8 - 10
(Dark in July and August)

The second Saturday, West Gate Lodge from 9 - 12

The third Saturday, Groveport Lodge from 7:30 - 10
(Dark in July and August)

The last Saturday, Reynoldsburg Lodge from 8 - 10

Other Masonic News

The Ashler

The 14th District's newsletter, "The Ashlar", is available from the 14th District website. To see a copy of the current newsletter click HERE.

Upcoming District Dates

Deacons and Stewards Training - December 4, 2019 at Luther B Turner Lodge in Valleyview or December 18, 2019 at Blenden Lodge in Westerville. This training should be attended by all Junior Officers in the Lodge. The two evenings will have the same training so you can choose which one to attend.

December 14th - Past Master Convocation, Northwest Masonic Temple. Registration will begin at 7:00 AM with the Convocation beginning at 8:00 AM. All should be completed by about Noon. All Worshipful Masters-elect and Worshipful Masters are required
to attend.

January 7th - Inspection season begins. See schedule.

January 8th - Franklin County Memorial Lodge annual meeting.

February 27th - 14th District quarterly meeting.

March 14th - Capital City No. 656 reconsecration, 9:00 am

March 14th - 14th District annual reception.
Villa Milano, 5:30 pm.

March 24th - Final lodge inspection of the season.

May 28th - 14th District annual awards dinner and presentations.

14th District Inspection Schedule

Tuesday, 1/7/20, Sparrow, MM
Tuesday, 1/14/20, Reynoldsburg. FC
Friday, 1/17/20, Capitol City, FC
Monday, 1/20/20, Goodale, FC
Tuesday, 1/21/20, University, MM
Tuesday, 1/28/20, Hiram, EA
Thursday, 1/30/20, Arts and Sciences, EA
Monday, 2/3/20, Blendon, EA
Thursday, 2/6/20, Triangle, MM
Monday, 2/10/20, Ralph R Rickley, FC
Tuesday, 2/11/20, Groveport-Lockbourne, FC
Wednesday, 2/19/20, Neoacaia, EA
Thursday, 2/20/20, Linden, MM
Monday, 2/24/20, New England, MM
Tuesday, 2/25/20, Community, EA
Monday, 3/2/20, York, EA
Tuesday, 3/3/20, Columbus, FC
Tuesday, 3/10/20, Magnolia, MM
Monday, 3/16/20, West Gate, EA
Tuesday, 3/17/20, Avery, EA
Monday, 3/23/20, Grove City, FC
Tuesday, 3/24/20, Sunrise, MM

Grand Lodge of Ohio
Grand View Systems Member Manager

The Grand Lodge of Ohio has started using a new membership information system called Grand View. This will be used by our Secretary to manage all our members.
We urge you to go online, check your profile and make any updates for your personal information and preferences.
You can access the system at Once there, you will need to click on the “Sign up” link just under the box where you would put your email and password so you can create your account. When you do this you will need your email address, the number on your membership card (do not include the letter at the beginning of the number or any preceding zeros) and you will need to create a password. Once online you can look at your information an make sure everything is correct. If you should ever move or change your contact information, you can update your information so you will not get lost by the lodge.

Contact Us

You can contact us in several ways.

Mail us at P. O. Box 340, Hilliard OH 43026-0340

Visit us at the Northwest Masonic Temple, Linden Lodge 637, 2436 W Dublin-Granville Rd, Linworth, Ohio 43235

Call us at 614 799-9637 and leave a message. We will get back to you. Email us at

You can visit us prior to any of our meetings listed on the CALENDAR page.

Please come and join us for one of our Fellowship Dinners which are held prior to any meeting.

Have You Paid Your Dues?

While most of our members pay their dues on time every year there are a few who do not. It is important that your dues are paid every year to maintain your status as a Mason. If you haven't pay your dues and the Lodge carries you on the roster waiting for you to pay, we still have to send money to the Grand Lodge to cover you as a Mason. Making the other members cover your membership is not fair to your Brothers in the Lodge. You should have received a dues notice invoice, if you can't find yours contact RWB Ron Leonard and he will tell you what you need to pay and how to pay it. Please help your Lodge and Brothers by  paying on time.

Endowed Membership

How would you like to never have to pay your Lodge dues again? Sign up for an Endowed membership and that can happen. When you have an Endowed Membership the Lodge will receive a yearly payment from the Grand Lodge to cover your membership. The current cost is just $800.00 which can be paid up front or over a five year period at $160.00 per year (plus your yearly dues each year until fully paid). After you have made your total endowment you will just need to make one final dues payment to cover you for the rest of your life. Since you will have an endowment, the Lodge will receive payments for you forever, even beyond your passing away. Talk to your Lodge Secretary about it soon and get in before they have a chance to increase the cost for this great program. Do it now and leave a legacy for Linden Lodge!